Our firewood is selected, harvested, and processed from whole tree length logs. Clean and very uniform pieces are easy to handle and stack. A majority of our wood is debarked. We sell one-third cords, half cords and full cords in addition to wholesale loads. The cords are full cords of 4 by 4 by 8, or 128 cubic feet. The quality of our wood is all mixed hardwood-absolutely no pine, willow, or cotton filler woods. 



Plain and simple, straight off of land clearing sites and processed from a whole tree harvester, this product is a high-quality chip usually sold for the production of paper. We receive a limited amount each year to sell to you. These wood chips have been shown to hold up for several years and are quite versatile-playgrounds, walkway paths, and large wood areas are all ideal for these chips. We do not recommend them for landscaping beds as they have a high acidic content and often draw the nitrogen out of the soil, killing the plants. No dye colorant is added. Color is a natural light brown.