Mazzola Supply, LLC
Mazzola Supply, LLC


    #8 Gravel

    #57 Gravel

    #4 Gravel

    River washed gravel is one of our top sellers. Available in three sizes: #8 is roughly the size of a dime and also known as pea gravel; #57 is approximately the size of a quarter to half-dollar; and the #4 which is between an egg or a lime in size. River washed gravel is a smooth-sided, natural multi-colored stone great for use around gardens, walkways, and patios. Also, #57 is ideal for all drainage projects. Please call for more information.


    #8 Limestone

    #57 Limestone

    Also available is our driveway limestone, a grayish jagged edged stone ideal for driveway areas. It comes in sizes #8 and #57.