Our organic compost mulch is a unique blend of all natural ingredients which is very fine in texture and rich in color with no dyes added and aged for maximum growing potential. It is possible to plant directly into the mixture or use as a mulch covering. This product breaks down quickly to enhance your existing soil and plants. Great for vegetable gardens as well as flower beds. This product is our creation and has proven year after year to be a top seller. 



Twice ground, our bark mulch is 100 percent hardwood bark and originates directly from sawmills. We grind the bark twice before it is stockpiled to age for six to twelve months. We use no fillers in our products, meaning no yard waste will be mixed in with the mulch to cut the volume of bark. Yard waste is everything dumped at recycling centers throughout the year, ground up, and sold back to you. In a mulch mixture this can range from grass, leaves, stumps, and brush, to old wood, railroad ties, pallets (sometimes with nails), and more. Our bark mulch is naturally rich brown in color, a result of the aging process. A good depth for weed control and effective moisture retainment is around three inches. This is a natural product, so keep in mind that the color can fade through the summer, especially in hot, dry conditions.



Twice ground and black in color, this product is all hardwood that consists of slab wood cut-offs. Again, we guarantee no yard waste or hardware such as nails. The color comes from a dye colorant. This product has no organics and is real hardwood so it will last longer than the bark or compost mulches. Depth installation of this product is also about three inches. Some consumers have reported they did not have to re-mulch for two years.


A good suggestion is to cultivate the mulch each spring or fall before adding the new product. After years of mulching, a hard layer of mulch can form. This is not good for the plants as it impairs their ability to absorb water. Cultivating will also add nutrients to the soil.

For the vegetable garden, after your fall harvest is complete, add some garden soil blend and cultivate into existing soil thoroughly over the winter months. All of the nutrients will combine with the old soil, and in the spring you won't have to wait for good weather to work up your garden. Just rototill, and you're ready to plant.